Shamanic Services


Soul Retrieval

Soul loss occurs when we experience any kind of trauma, shock, pain or loss. A part of the soul , an essence leaves the body as a natural self-defense mechanism to avoid the pain of the experience. Symptoms of soul loss include depression, addiction, chronic illness, prolonged grief, PTSD, gaps in memory, and disconnection with the body. 


Power Retrieval

Shamans believe that we are all born with power allies. However, at various times in our lives, a power animal may  drift away if ignored. Power animal retrieval is a healing modality and a great gift to receive. The Shaman does not chose the animal. The power animal choses you.  




Spiritual intrusions may have several sources including toxic energy, curses, spirit possession and negative thought forms. Symptoms of intrusions include sudden onset of pain, fatigue, changes in mood or personality such as anger or depression.


Soul Remembering

The shaman travels to the client's soul to receive information on the clients life purpose, gifts, talents and how the soul wants to utilize these gifts. The shaman retrieves this information in the form of a symbol which the soul has given to the shaman as a reminder to the client of their soul's purpose. 


Ancestral Work

Along with our ancestors gifts and talents we may also carry their old contracts and negative beliefs. Ancestral healing may involve forgiving deceased family members, lifting family curses, healing deceased souls, and removing unhealthy contracts. 


Psychopomp Work

The shaman assists a person who has died to cross over and continue their spiritual journey. Some situations which may cause a person's spirit to remain on earth after death include, a sudden and unexpected death, a deep attachment to family or a desire to complete unfinished business.